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When we discover our own spiritual core issue, (our personal soul struggle) we open the door to truth. Truth, when applied, results in changed thinking and therefore, new behaviors.

Janet’s unique visual presentation brings fresh clarity to “moving toward intimacy with God.“  God led Janet to an awareness of the original seven core issues or struggles, which resulted in the creation of a flow-chart. Her flow-chart walks her audience through “how did I get here;” “what is the struggle I’m in;” and finally “how do I get out.” Each struggle is illustrated with Biblical characters who walked through the struggle–some successfully and some unsuccessfully. Janet also openly shares her own struggle with each of these original issues. Janet has been speaking publicly for many years on various topics. However, her “moving toward intimacy with God through struggle” presentation has thrust her into a more prominent public speaking role. She has become a gifted international speaker.

Some of her speaking topics include:

This is an amazing visual presentation pinpointing the main areas of struggle in the Christian life. The visual walks the listener through the emotional indicators of each struggle; defines the struggle Biblically; followed by response choices. Each choice moves us either toward healing and intimacy with God or we choose to continue with unresolved struggles. This is Janet’s most requested presentation.

Open the door to the discovery of how prayer makes a difference in your own world. Prayer is God’s instrument for discovery and change. The presentation helps the listener move into a vital and relational prayer life connection with God.

This presentation receives much acclaim. It gives the listener needed insights and tools to help discover the “way out.” Explore what God wants to reveal about self, life and God through a time of depression. Discover how depression can be God’s unlikely path to peace and purpose!

Taking back control of your life God’s way! Often the question is asked: “who is in control of my life?” Do other’s needs, responsibilities, and/or irresponsibilities have control of your days; thus creating frustration and fatigue? Janet helps to identify when, what type, and how to set appropriate boundaries in order to create healthier living and more loving relationships.

Anxiety or fear often result from past events that created beliefs resulting in negative behaviors. Janet will walk you through the origin of your fear; the beliefs you developed and bring you to release and relief; no longer controlled by fear or anxiety.

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