Counseling Services in Damascus, OR

Janet has been a private practice counselor for 30 years. She guides individuals with issues of anxiety, depression, relational and boundary issues and co-dependency. Certified in AMAC (Adults Molested as Children), Janet specializes in healing the woundedness of those who have experienced abuse.

Helping Clients Discover Their Soul Struggle

Although emotional pain leads the client to seek help, the need for healing often goes deeper than initially recognized. Each psychological and emotional struggle points to a core spiritual struggle which Janet calls the “soul struggle.” In the midst of pain and through struggle, God does some of His most unique work.

Counseling services specializing in the following areas:

Fear / Anxiety
Abuse Issues / AMAC

Spiritual health

Biblically-Based Counseling & Christian Counseling Services

Through Janet’s insights, many have experienced the healing of deep wounds and have been able to address their core spiritual struggles. Through a Biblical model, Janet moves her clients to emotional health and introduces them to a new level of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, God has worked in this process and Janet has developed a distinctive visual model of struggle. Her guidance moves the individual from a place of being “stuck” in struggle to a place of recognition and resolution of the core spiritual issues. Once the core issues are resolved, the individual realizes greater emotional health, experiences relational healing, and moves toward a deeper relationship with God.

Janet’s visual model and teaching has resulted in her joining Multnomah University as adjunct faculty, teaching graduate students about the original seven core spiritual issues and how to move their clients toward emotional and spiritual healing, health, and growth.

Janet invites you to learn more about her counseling services in the Portland area.

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