Janet Baylis Gassman

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Romans 12:2


"Janet is the most outstanding catalyst for change I have ever discovered…with Janet's input, the ability to "get there" has been expedited tremendously."

Marsha J. Naegeli-Moody

"Walking us through the struggles of the Christian life by incorporating Biblical characters and personal examples has deeply affected my life."

Daryl Boquet

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Janet has been a private practice counselor for 30 years. She guides individuals with issues of anxiety, depression, relational and boundary issues and co-dependency. She specializes in healing the woundedness of those who have experienced abuse.

Although, emotional pain leads the client to seek help, the need for healing often goes deeper than initially recognized.  Each psychological and emotional struggle points to a core spiritual struggle which Janet calls the “soul struggle.”  In the midst of pain and through struggle, God does some of His most unique work.

Through Janet’s insights, many have experienced the healing of deep wounds and have been able to address their core spiritual struggles. Through a Biblical model, Janet moves her clients to emotional health and introduces them to a new level of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, God has worked in this process and Janet has developed a distinctive visual model of struggle. Her presentation moves the individual from a place of being “stuck” in struggle to a place of recognition and resolution of the core spiritual issues. Once the core issues are resolved, the individual is able to move toward intimacy with God.

Janet’s visual model and teaching has resulted in her joining Multnomah University as adjunct faculty, teaching graduate students about the original seven core spiritual issues and how to move their clients toward emotional and spiritual healing, health, and growth.


Janet’s unique visual presentation brings fresh clarity to  “Walking toward intimacy with God. God led Janet to an awareness of the original seven core issues or struggles, which resulted in the creation of a flow-chart. Her flow-chart walks her audience through “how did I get here;”  “what is the struggle I’m in;” and finally “how do I get out.” Each struggle is illustrated with Biblical characters who walked through the struggle–some successfully and some unsuccessfully.  Janet also openly shares her own struggle with each of these original issues. When we discover our own spiritual core issue, (our personal soul struggle) we open the door to truth.  Truth, when applied, results in changed thinking and therefore, new behaviors.

Janet has been speaking publicly for many years on various topics. However, her “moving toward  intimacy with God through struggle” presentation has thrust her into a more prominent public speaking role. She has become a gifted international speaker. Janet invites you to hear her speak at one of her scheduled locations or use the contact page to invite her to speak to your group, at your desired location.

Janet’s book Resolving Your Soul Struggle has been published and is available for purchase from amazon.com (or from Janet directly).

Call: 503-658-6639
E-Mail: jlgassman@earthlink.net
Mail: Box 62, Boring, OR 97009